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October 2011 Meeting Project Announced

This month, Ellen is going to share her know-how and teach our group how to cover matchboxes with clay and decorate them with mica powders and other goodies. These make great gift presentation boxes or can be turned into necklaces. You can see from the picture at the left, mica powders on dark clay can be very eye-catching.

When: Sunday, October 2 @ 1:00 PM
Where: Michaels Crafts Store Classroom
What: Pearly Gift Boxes

Bring your basic clay kit and a small amount of dark clay. Extra items you might want to bring: texture sheets / stamps. mica powders like Pearlex or Perfect Pearls, embossing powders, heat-safe glitter, and pre-made canes.

The guild will provide the boxes, pearl powders, an oven for curing, miscellaneous supplies and know-how.