Another Great Clay-Bor Day Retreat!

Another Great Clay-Bor Day Retreat!

September 16, 2019 Annual Retreat Meetings 0

Clay-Bor Day 2019 is now a memory, but oh, what a memory! Outstanding company, great food, and a welcoming atmosphere.

We welcomed two new members at the event, Karen and Felina. As Ellen often says, the hook has been set!

Thank you, everyone, for attending, giving demos, and helping keep the event rolling forward.

From a financial standpoint, the event was a success and will help cover rent for our next Retreat.

October Meeting

Our next meeting is Saturday, October 5 at 10 AM at the LeMoyne Art Education Building.

Coffee service will be available – please bring a donation for the coffee & rent fund as well as your reusable coffee and/or cold drink cups. Pack a lunch, too!