Are You Up for a Challenge?

Are You Up for a Challenge?

November 19, 2019 Annual Retreat Meetings 0

Our December meeting will feature a challenge inspired by the Midlands chapter of the British Polymer Clay Guild!

Each participating attendee will be given an unusually shaped glass ornament to decorate. Bring any goodies that you might want like glitter, paints, or mica powders in addition to your polymer clay. We will decorate, bake and enjoy each other’s creativity (or maybe a swap?).

Meeting Info

When: December 7, 2019 @ 10 AM

Where: LeMoyne Art Education Building, 417 East Call Street

Parking available in the areas next to and in front of the Education building (except the Teacher spot).

We can park in the lot owned by Mattox Law. However, we can only park there on meeting days. Gabriela (LeMoyne’s Education Director) spoke to Marie Mattox and received permission for our group to use the lot.

Coffee service will be available – please bring a donation for the coffee & rent fund as well as your reusable coffee and/or cold drink cups. Pack a lunch, too!

Do You Have Ideas and Articles to Share?

PC Polyzine, an online polymer magazine, is looking for articles for their readers. Contact Katie Krushinski if you are interested in providing content.

The International Polymer Clay Association is seeking contributors for their Tutorials, Tricks, and Tips forum. Featured content should be original, or if inspired by another teacher, properly attributed. Email if you are interested in contributing.

Looking Ahead to the Chilly Clay Retreat

We are pleased to announce our first demo for the February Retreat, given by Ann Larsen and Karen Woods of the West Coast Polymer Guild. Ann and Karen, along with others from their area, are planning on attending our annual retreat!

Polymer Paperweight Demo to be Presented by the West Coast Polymer Guild (Tampa Bay)
Saturday, February 1, 2020 (Time TBD)

Encapsulate your unique polymer clay designs in heavy glass paperweights for special gifts, family heirlooms, etc.  We’ll have some finished samples to share, guide you through the process, and will bring paperweight kits in several shapes to share (at our wholesale cost of about $10-$11 each).  Your designs will need to be fairly flat depending on the shape/dome of the kit you select, so consider a variety of techniques such as small image transfers you’ve prepared ahead from family photos or clip art, stamped polymer you may want to create, cure and size on-site, or small, fairly-flat charms or other inclusions. Abstract designs and millefiori cane sheets are also enhanced in a paperweight and can be prepared ahead and cut down that day to fit the choice of paperweight.

Overall, think small, but remember that anything you encapsulate will appear larger through the glass’s magnification properties.  Actual, interior spaces average from under 2″ to 4″ wide and are usually not more than 1/8″ in interior height, depending on available shapes (may include rounds, ovals, octagons and rectangles, subject to our availability as of the program date).

Registration for the Chilly Clay Retreat opens January 1, 2020.