August Meeting and Clay-Bor Day Retreat News

August 2018 Meeting

Our next meeting will be Saturday, August 4 at 10 AM at LeMoyne Art Education Center.  We need a theme or demonstration planned for the meeting. Have an idea? Please send a message to our Fearless Leaders.

Clay-Bor Day Retreat

Several members have expressed an interest in the upcoming 3-day retreat, but so far only six have registered! We need at least 10 attendees to make the event viable. Please register today (you can bring payment to the August meeting or use a credit card via our PayPal link).

Demos and Challenges for Clay-Bor Day

We would like to have a couple of demos each day and either a challenge or item swap for the long weekend.

  • Demos can be polymer-related or not; associated skills like jewelry assembly, finishing, product presentation, etc. would all be welcome.
  • Challenges can be things like having to incorporate ‘mystery items’ into a final piece, limited color palette, etc.
  • Swaps could be inchies, earrings, found-item tools, cutters, etc.  Item swaps should be of reasonable cost so as not to burden anyone unnecessarily.

Want to volunteer for a demo or have an idea for a event challenge or swap?  Please send a message to our Fearless Leaders.