Bye-bye Hermine!

I hope everyone has weathered the storm, both literally and figuratively. Our neighborhood took quite the hit and we just got out power back Tuesday late afternoon. Some sections of my neighborhood are still waiting for power to be restored.

I’m sure we all need something to look forward to…and here it is: October’s Meeting Topic will be Mono-printing with Ellen. She’ll be getting us a supplies list in another week or two but I’m sure that whatever she is planning, it will be fantastic. This will be a great refresher for those that saw Ellen’s demo at the Retreat OR a great introduction to this technique for anyone that didn’t attend our 2016 Retreat.

Our meeting will be on Saturday, October 1 starting at 10 AM, in Studio A of the LeMoyne Art Education Center.

Speaking of Retreats…

There is a conference / retreat center in Live Oak that might be a great location for our 2017 Retreat. It offers on-site lodging, all meals, meeting space, and a bucolic setting with several on-site recreational options.

Poke around their website and let’s discuss this as an option when we meet in October.