‘Chili’ Clay Days Retreat 2017

‘Chili’ Clay Days Retreat 2017

January 22, 2017 Meetings 0

Our annual Retreat will take place over the weekend of February 4 & 5, 2017 at the LeMoyne Art Education Center. Online registration is open and it’s not too late to register!

Cost is $35 which includes your annual dues. If you have created or renewed your membership recently and have at least six (6) months left in your membership, your cost to attend is $0.


We are looking for members to give demos during the Retreat. Probably no more than 3 each day. If you are interested in showing off a new technique in clay, any basic skill that would be of interest to attendees, jewelry related techniques like closures, wire-work, chain mail, etc., please send your name, topic of demo, and estimated time needed for same to Barbara.



Lemoyne Art Education Center


You can park in the Lemoyne lot next to the center, if there isn’t a class going on.  I’ll know more about the class situation later this week. Ditto the spaces along Call Street.

We can park in the law office lot across the street. Do not park in the hair salon’s lot.


Barb will make a pot of chili for our lunch on Saturday and we have a signup for other items such as  coffee cake, green salad, rolls or cornbread, iced tea/soda, desserts and snacks.

Signup for Saturday here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0449aea629a02-2017

Sunday lunch will be provided for all and graciously organized by Nancy (Thank You!!)

Coffee service will be compliments of the Guild.

Retreat Texture Swap (Optional)

If you want to participate, make or acquire  items for textures on polymer to swap with your fellow attendees.

You can make them individually out of scrap clay or make a scrap clay master and then duplicate it using mold-making material (remember, the mold will be a reverse of your original).

You can acquire interesting bits of plastic with texture like lace, onion bags. You can make homemade texture tools or carve rubber blocks like are used for stamp making.

There are many examples online. If possible, please have a card with your name and email address to hand out with your texture, so we can identify everyone’s contributions.

On Sunday, we’ll get out our textures and swap!

This is completely optional, and is definitely something you can work on during the Retreat.