Silkscreens & Polymer: Tomorrow!

Silkscreens & Polymer: Tomorrow!

March 1, 2019 Meetings 0

Our next regular meeting will be Saturday, March 2 at 10 AM at LeMoyne Art Education Center. Coffee service will be available – please bring a donation for the coffee fund.

We will be exploring silk screen techniques.  The focus will be on creating a surface to silkscreen.  This will also incorporate ideas to create the silk screened polymer clay into a pin, pendant, or earrings.  Cindy will be demonstrating various techniques for applying paint and adding bits of embellishment to your project.

Please bring :

  • stiff polymer clay blades
  • silk screens
  • small container for rinsing screens in water
  • black and white polymer clay
  • polymer clay canes and scraps
  • small bottles of acrylic craft paint or heavy body acrylic paints
  • cutters
  • crystals or beads to add sparkle
  • wire for embellishment