Ellen’s polymer clay class is launching March 22 and seats are still available.

Do you know anyone you’d like to have introduced to one of your favorite addictions? Well, here’s a sterling opportunity for them.  Our beloved Ellen Bellenot is teaching polymer clay class yet again.

If you know anyone who’d like to learn about polymer clay and they have Thursday nights from 6:15 to 8:45 free and a mere  $50 to spend, you could tell them that Ellen is teaching a polymer clay class at Lafayette Arts and Crafts Center on the Sue McCollum side of the building.  This class is starting  on Wednesday March 22 and it runs for 8 weeks.   There are 5 students already signed up so the class is definitely a go.

Here’s a link to Lafayette Arts and Crafts Center:

If you, or anyone else for that matter, has any questions, Ellen’s email’s erb@math.fsu.edu. If you make the subject line POLYMER CLAY CLASS, yes, all in caps, she is more likely to spot it in all the emails that she gets despite unsubscribing constantly.