Come Play with Polymer Clay this Saturday

Come Play with Polymer Clay this Saturday

May 3, 2018 Events Meetings 0

Our next meeting is on Saturday,  May 5 at the LeMoyne Art Education Center, Studio A. Meeting starts at 10 AM and goes to whenever we decide to leave.

Coffee service will be available, bring some change to feed the kitty.

Serape Stripes Demo

In Mexican culture, serapes are worn by men of all classes as shawls, ponchos, and as accessories. Women, traditionally, do not wear serapes. However, Barbara feels that it is time for a change and will be demonstrating striped micro-blends of clay that reflect the colorful energy of this traditional garment.

If you would like to participate, bring 5-6 bright colors clay, plus white and a small amount of black. The samples in the picture are made with Souffle clay, but any clay will do. You’ll also need a dry sponge or a fine textured stamp or piece of fabric for texturing in addition to your basic clay gear.

Open Studio Time

Please bring projects that you are working on to finish at the meeting and share with the group.  Finished projects are also welcomed for show and tell.

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