Monoprinting Polymer is Our Topic for October

Monoprinting Polymer is Our Topic for October

September 20, 2016 Meetings 0
Monoprinted Inchies and Beads by Ellen

Our meeting will be on Saturday, October 1 starting at 10 AM, in Studio A of the LeMoyne Art Education Center.

October’s Meeting Topic will be Monoprinting with Ellen.

Monoprinted Inchies by Ellen

Monoprinted Inchies by Ellen

This will be a great refresher for those that saw Ellen’s demo at the Retreat OR a great introduction to this technique for anyone that didn’t attend our 2016 Retreat.

Monoprinting on Polymer Information
I’m going to be demoing/demo-ing, why didn’t I just say showing? mono printing on polymer clay at the next meeting. So you might well be wondering what the heck you should be dragging along.

I know it’s hard to slog through all this, but do try to give it a go. I’ve tried to be concise but I’m a Rumsey and I’m working against type.

Kira, who came to our retreat, did a video of her take on it and it’ll turn up if you search “mono printing on polymer clay” in Youtube. This might well be the link:

Even more, I’d suggest watching some of the beginning videos by Gelli Arts on Youtube. That’ll give you an idea of the technique. Not required, but it’s something to think about.

Along with the usual kit, you’ll need clay. I’d suggest a light color but there’s nothing that says you can’t use whatever you’ve got or like or both.

GELLI PLATES: I use a very small one with polymer clay. I’ll have some home made with glycerine for you to use, though I don’t know that there will be enough if there are a lot of people playing. You can look up “hand made gelli plates” on YouTube or Google.  Also, Hobby Lobby has a student plate that’s 5×5, still bigger than you need.

BRAYERS: It requires a soft rubber brayer (not foam). I’ll have a few extras, but please bring one if you have it and more to share if they’ve bred in your closets. Here’s an example of one and you can grab it with a coupon at Michaels if it’s not already on sale.

We’ll practice a bit with printing on paper, so if you’ve got some you like, bring it. Won’t take much.

  • I’ll bring:
  • paint (acrylics)
  • tools for patterning.
  • deli paper
  • dry wax paper
  • page protectors (if you’ve got some that I gave out, bring a few)
  • some barrens, which are tools to smooth.

I’m a process person, not a project person, but we can make something with the sheets we make. If you’ve got a leaf cutter that you’d like to use to make a fall pin or something, bring it along. I’ll demo how to make a pin with a finished backing.

If you’ve got any questions, write me at erb@ Put POLYMER CLAY QUESTION as the subject line. My mailbox is a Mess and it’ll need to shout and wave its arms so’s I don’t miss it.