Autumnal Polymer for November

Autumnal Polymer for November

October 21, 2019 Meetings 0

Meeting Information

When: November 2, 2019 @ 10 AM

Where: LeMoyne Art Education Building, 417 East Call Street

Coffee service will be available – please bring a donation for the coffee & rent fund as well as your reusable coffee and/or cold drink cups. Pack a lunch, too!

November Demo: Decor for Gifting

Barb will demo a couple of different decor items that are perfect for gifting (unless you keep it for yourself!). Bring a light colored, neutral clay (beige, ecru, cream), texture tools like ball stylus, toothpick, etc. as well as some deeply veined leaves (large or small) to share with everyone.

Barb will provide embossing powders, gouache, and the secret ‘ingredients’ for the project.

See you next week!