Our next meeting is on Saturday, January 6 at the LeMoyne Art Education Center.

Our next meeting is on Saturday,  January 6  at the LeMoyne Art Education Center, Studio A. Meeting starts at 10 AM and goes to whenever we decide to leave.

Coffee service will be available, bring some change to feed the kitty.


Snow People Sculpture

See the source imageSnowman glossy PNG images

Cindy  will demonstrate how to sculpt snow people for use either as a figurine decoration or as a pendant.   Emphasis will be placed on creativity so that each snow person will be unique.   Sculpture techniques and tips will be demonstrated along with suggestions for those in attendance to create their  personalized snow individuals.


  • Sculpture tools
  • White or glitter white  Polymer Clay
  • Scrap clay in multiple colors
  • Wire
  • Acrylic paint
  • Glitter
  • Toothpicks
  • Brushes if you paint
  • small cutters
  • Embellishments or small accessories such as a broom, charms,  hats scarves or other items for your snow person
  • I have some small plastic snowflakes to share