Reminder and Demos for Clay-Bor Day Retreat

Reminder and Demos for Clay-Bor Day Retreat

August 28, 2018 Annual Retreat Events Retreats 0

Dates and Times

September 1-3

  • Saturday & Sunday: 9 AM – 6 PM
  • Monday: 9 AM – 4 PM (start of cleanup), lock up by 5 PM

Coffee service and lunch provided daily. Registered attendees have been emailed a signup list link for AM and PM snacks.


The following demos are known, but others will be given ad-hoc through out the weekend.

Glow in the Dark Sutton Slice (Cindy)

Sutton Slice Example

Cindy will demo a Glow in the Dark Sutton Slice project. Bring glow in the dark clay (one or many colors, your choice) and black or dark clay for the background. Unmounted rubber stamps with DEEP texture, if not, there will be plenty to share.



Matchbook Amulet (Ellen)

Matchbox Amulets

I’ll bring matchbooks.
If you want to paint them, bring white clay.
Any sculpting tools/ texture tools.
Paint brushes. Probably small. And for oils.
Very small container for turpenoid (like a ketchup cup from a burger joint)
Paper towels. A couple.
You could cover it with canes if you prefer. I run a tight ship.

Covered Glass Vial (Ellen)

Covered Vials

I’ll bring glass vials for fifty cents each. If you’ve got your own, that’s great, but they need a metal cap. Obvious reasons.
The demo will use white clay, but again, you can use anything.

Pandora style Crystals (Ellen)

Pandora Crystals

You can go to YouTube and put in Pandora polymer clay crystals or use

Bring liquid clay if you have it I’ll have some Kato which makes a rigid crystal. The Sculpy clear is, well, clearer, but it’s rubbery. And I don’t have that much of it. Watch the video to help you make a choice.

I’ll have some inclusions to share. And alcohol inks.

I have the molds which you can use.

I used gold to make the tops/caps.

I think that covers the board. If you have questions, you can ask me at Put POLYMER CLAY in all caps as the subject line or I might miss it in all the junk that lands in my mailbox.