Reminder: Our next meeting is on Saturday, August 5 at the LeMoyne Art Education Center.

Our next meeting is on Saturday,  August 5 at the LeMoyne Art Education Center, Studio A. Meeting starts at 10 AM and goes to whenever we decide to leave.

Please remember to sign up for Clay-bor Day Retreat so that we can have a count for this event.  We must know shortly how many people plan on attending to make arrangements for food.

Coffee service will be available, bring some change to feed the kitty.


August Workshop with Ellen

Ellen will demonstrate her magic ways with Polymer clay beads.  Ellen’s narrative starts here.

This Month’s Mission, if you choose to accept it…

Interest was expressed in doing these alcohol inks embellished beads which were my swap at Fandango. It doesn’t take much to get me to demo and that was more than enough.

They’re simple and effective; you cover the bead with thin inked and embellished surfaces.  If you want to play along you’ll need the following materials:

White Clay
Translucent Clay (not much more than a smidgeon)
Whatever clay you want to make into bead bases
Translucent/white or translucent/black canes if you have them                            Gold or silver leaf.    (I’ll have some to share. )

I’ll have loads of alcohol inks and I play well with others.  You needn’t lug yours along unless you want to.

Upcoming Art and Education Events

Synergy4 Conference and Retreat Plus! – August 14-16