Retreat Reminders, Really!

Retreat Reminders, Really!

January 27, 2020 Annual Retreat Meetings 0
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Location & Time

  • 417 East Call Street, Tallahassee
  • February 1: 9 AM – ?
  • February 2: 9 AM – 4 PM


Parking available in the areas next to and in front of the Education building (except the Teacher spot).

We can park in the lot owned by Mattox Law. However, we can only park there on meeting days.

Free parking also available at Capital City Bank.

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Tallahassee Marathon is Sunday, February 2

The marathon’s start time and course will affect traffic through Midtown Tallahassee and around the LeMoyne Gallery area. Familiarize yourself with the race’s course, and avoid it!

Retreat Meals

Barb will make a pot of chili for our lunch on Saturday and there is a signup for other items such as coffee cake, green salad, rolls or cornbread, iced tea/soda, desserts and snacks.


We will have several out of town attendees, so a group dinner may be organized for Saturday night.

Please remember to bring your reusable coffee- and cold cups. We will have a signup sheet for dish duty for our durable dishes and cutlery.