Still in a Holding Pattern

Still in a Holding Pattern

July 13, 2020 Meetings 0

I’ve heard from the new Executive Director of LeMoyne, Lori Carlson. We caught up on a number of subjects including Gabriela’s departure (to have her baby!) and the current status of rentals at LeMoyne.

As of this writing, LeMoyne is still closed for rentals. The Gallery is open by appointment only, and they have opened an online store on their website. Lori is hopeful that we may be able to hold our Claybor Day Retreat in September. We have plans to talk in mid-August and see if the COVID situation has improved so that we may use the facility.

We discussed using other sites, like the public library, but I have discovered that the meeting rooms at libraries are also closed for use.

What’s Next?

Cane-mapped Butterflies by Nancy

Things went a little sideways in July due to my having a bit of hand surgery on June 30. I’m recovering well, but never got a Zoom call scheduled for us.

Nancy has volunteered to show us how to take apart and clean our pasta machines. I had suggested that she film the process and then narrate the video live at our next Zoom. Does anyone have some experience with recording on an iPad? If so, let me know and I will get you in contact with Nancy to provide coaching.

Pictured above are some lovely butterflies that Nancy has been making using Alice Stroppel’s cane mapping technique.

Butterflies keep Nancy company at her work table

If everyone is up for it, I could schedule a Zoom for July 25 (a Saturday) or we could try for an evening during the week. Let me know your preferences and if you’d also like to give a demo.

Stay Safe!