Our Members are the BEST

Our Members are the BEST

February 12, 2021 Meetings 0

I’m working on getting the videos edited and uploaded – I’ll send out a link as soon as they are available to watch.

Big thank you to Cindy for her help last weekend with the Retreat AND to all our demonstrators and guest artists.

If you haven’t gone to see the IPCA Global Exhibition, please take a minute to view the wonderful polymer art in the galleries or just browse through the list of 72 participating artists

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be over Zoom on March 6. Kris Shotts will demonstrate PanPastels for us. She’s got a good source, so if you want to order in advance, visit RJ’s Trains and mention Kris’ name. She said that if things show as out of stock, don’t worry, just email the owner and ask if he already ordered it for the store.

Brace(let) Yourself

Lenda has done some research on some findings and things mentioned in our Retreat last weekend. Here’s what she found:

Hi everyone. I just wanted to drop a quick note. I had a lot of fun for the Chilly Retreat and am so glad to have joined your guild!! I wanted to say to Maureen a big Thank you for everything she do graciously shared. Also a very large THANK YOU to Barbara for doing all the hard work to put our meeting together for us!! You worked so hard and you had another very large gathering to run in tandem with ours. I don’t know how you do it but again,  thank you so much,  we’re very lucky to have you in the guild!! Maureen shared so much great information, thank you so much!! I wanted to share about jewelry findings if any of us make jewelry. Maureen shared a supplier called LillyD’s and I went there and they have lots of beautiful items. I would like to share a supplier that I’ve used in the past,  PandaHall. I looked at both sites and tried to compare prices and I found that PandaHall is quite a bit cheaper. I’ve included a screen shots to show. Now granted,  LillyD’s sells theirs in a “kit”, the jewelry blank and a glass cabochon. Panda Hall seeks just the blank,  they sell glass cabs too but separately and they’re very inexpensive. Just trying to save everyone a little money.Cheers!! Lenda

Resin-ate Your Clay 😉

From Nancy:

I have divided my supply of resin, bottle A & bottle B along with stir sticks, measuring cups and a brochure for a total of 7 packets to give away.  The product lasts only one year.  I called the company to verify the expiration date. I marked the bottles with the date. See picture below.  The packet can be picked up at my house any day of the week in Piney-Z. Call my home phone 850-391-1301, call before to make sure I still have them – only 7 to give away. Thank you,Nancy