Retreat Logistics

Although most people may be familiar with virtual events, we want to review a few items in advance of this weekend.

Where and When

  • The Retreat is this coming Saturday and Sunday, September 5 & 6. The Virtual Retreat room will be open at 9 AM Eastern.
  • We will meet using the Zoom platform.
    • All attendees will be placed into a waiting room prior to admission to the event. You will be admitted to the event by one of our moderators.
    • All attendees must use their full name when they sign in to Zoom and the name must be displayed throughout the event.
  • You can use Zoom on a computer, tablet, or mobile device. You will find the best experience using the official Zoom app on your chosen device.
    • If you want to participate in Show & Tell you will need to have a camera on your computer or another setup with a device that can share content to Zoom.
    • To talk with everyone, you will need a microphone or headset with microphone. Please test your camera and audio setup before the event.
  • If your internet connection is slow, your experience may be improved by turning off your outgoing video after we do introductions.
  • If you want to use a virtual background, please make sure it is a still picture or solid color. Eye strain / fatigue from virtual backgrounds is a thing, so please be considerate in your choice of virtual background.

Helpful Zoom Links


If you are going to be participating in the swap, please click here to fill out a quick form.

Demo Sessions

Image by 5PS from Pixabay

During the scheduled demos, all participants will be muted except for the teacher and moderator. The teacher’s screen will be the primary window shown.

Questions for the teachers can be posted in the Zoom chat window; the session moderator will pass along questions to the teacher so they can be answered live.

We will have an open discussion with the teachers after their session has concluded.


We will break for lunch each day, but will leave the virtual room open for those that want to visit or clay at their workstations.

Image by Eduardo RS from Pixabay

If you take a break, whether it be for a meal or because your pet unicorn needs to go romp in the forest, please mute your microphone before you walk away. This will reduce background noise for the other attendees.

Open Worktable Time

We have scheduled worktable time throughout the Retreat so we can all clay together.

If you want to zoom and clay from your worktable outside the open worktable time or during other discussions, please mute your microphone so the sound of your pasta machine handle dropping to the floor doesn’t scare anyone.

On the Fly Demos

If you want to give a quick demo during the Retreat, we can either open up a breakout room for interested attendees or you can share your camera to the main group. Please contact the session moderator during the event to get this arranged. If you’d like to schedule a demo in advance, please email us.

Scavenger Hunt

We’re going to have a wickedly fun scavenger hunt on Saturday. There is a prize for the winner.

The scavenger hunt will be a timed event. The list of items will be read to everyone and then you’ll be free to go on the hunt once we say ‘go’. Have pen and paper handy to write down the list. Everyone will start and end the hunt at the same time.

Once you have collected your items (before and up until the deadline), you will post the items you collected in the chat window. The first person to check in with the most items collected (and verified), wins.

For example: Polly hits the ground running and comes back with 9/12 items. She’s the first one to post her list in the chat. However, Clay comes back with 11/12 items, so he’s the winner because he got more items.

In the event of a tie, we’ll pick names out of a vessel using an impartial third party (probably Barb’s kid).

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