Featured Demo: Ellen Rumsey Bellenot

Featured Demo: Ellen Rumsey Bellenot

January 22, 2022 Chilly Clay Retreat 0
stacked books

Ellen will be our own Pied Piper and lead us down a path that results in a gift-able (and scrap-busting) bookmark.

Bookmark and a Paper Case Suitable for Gift Giving

The bookmark may be going the way of the buggy whip, but they’re great fun to make in whatever medium.

Everyone ends up with shards of cured polymer clay when there isn’t quite enough of a veneer or one of the earrings falls down the grate or gets eaten by the puppy. And what are you going to do with enough inches to ransom Good King Richard? This will use them up two by two.

This isn’t precise; this is “Here’s the idea and now I’ll get out of your way”.

If you’re giving them as presents or donating them for a fund-raiser, they need something better than being stuffed into a ziploc bag. That’s the second part of this little demo.

What you’ll need:

  • Polymer clay shards
  • Beads if you want them
  • Very thin cord. I’ve used waxed linen and a thick thread
  • Crimp beads if the thread will go through them.
  • A drop of glue if you’re tying knots
  • Cardstock for the case.