A History Lesson

August 31, 2023 Events 0
close up photo of an opened religious book

Just a bit of Guild history for y’all…

  • A ‘blind date’ meetup at Starbucks with Barb and Ellen during the summer of 2006 is what kicked off the idea for local guild. Karen Woods was the matchmaker, ha ha ha.
  • Our first official meeting was in September 2006. We’ll have our 20th anniversary in 2026.
  • Over the years we’ve met at: Michael’s, Lafayette Arts & Crafts Center, Southwood Community Room, private homes, and the LeMoyne Art Education Center.
  • Our first February Clay Play Day (now the Chilly Clay Retreat) was in 2009. The 2024 event is our15th!
  • The first Clay-bor Day Retreat was held in 2017. This year is our 6th annual Retreat.

We may be small, but we are MIGHTY! Thank you all for making this all possible.

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Photo by ?aj Vaishnaw on Pexels.com