Meet the Big-Eyed Bird

November 10, 2022 Meetings 0
Big-eyed Bird by Lisa Haney

Our December meeting with me a two-hourish class with polymer artist (and fellow guild member) Lisa Haney! Here’s what Lisa has to say about her class:

 I’ve designed it so that everyone can work along with me if they choose to.  We’ll be making Skinner blends, a leaf cane, extruder work and a little bit of sculpting kinda sorta.  I plan to go slow enough so everyone can work along but fast enough to be interesting.  If everyone starts with their clay ready and supplies at hand, I think we can achieve that!  

Lisa Haney

Meeting Info

Saturday, December 3

  • In-person setup starts at 9 AM @ LeMoyne Art Education Center
  • Zoom Opens at 9:30 AM
  • Class starts at 10 AM

Zoom info will be sent to members on Friday, Dec 2.

Supplies List

This is the supply list and clay that Lisa provided to us.  She included links so you can see examples of the tools she is using.  You may be able to find the products cheaper on this site or another site (or you might already have them in your stash.)

Please make sure you have the three (3) – 2” x 3” index card or cardstock templates cut out and your clay sheeted. 

Supply List

Optional Tools


½ package of each unless noted otherwise.  Have all clay sheeted on the thickest setting of your pasta machine.

  • Brown (1/8 package)
  • cobalt blue
  • fuchsia
  • orange (small amount for beak and feet)
  • sea green
  • white
  • zinc yellow

The green and yellow are for the leaf cane.  The blue and fuchsia are the bird’s colors.