October is for Spooky Faces!

October is for Spooky Faces!

September 25, 2021 Meetings 0

Our October meeting will be over Zoom on Saturday, October 2. We’ll open up the Zoom around 1030 AM, and our program will start at 11 AM.

Zoom meeting details will be sent on Friday, October 1.

October Program: Ellen Bellenot

Calaveras are a tradition in Mexican culture that reaches back to the time of the Aztecs. They are part of a larger celebration honoring ancestors as part of the Day of the Dead. Sugar skulls have become a part of popular culture during the weeks leading up to Hallowe’en.

Sugar Skull Earrings

This demo’s pretty easy, as you can tell from the pictures. What you’ll need, besides the Usual Suspects, is this:

  • White clay Clay for a backing
  • Jump rings
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Small something to apply said paint
  • Paper towel or the like to wipe off said paint
  • Small amounts of colored clay for the flowers and leaves
  • That wonderful set of leather cutters from Amazon** or A small circle cutter and a small rectangle cutter. That’ll determine the size of your skull, as I’m sure you’ve figured out.
  • Tiny flower cutters if you have them. You can punt.
  • A pin for marking lines
  • For the center of the flowers I use hot fix crystals or glitter clay or gold/silver leaf in trans clay. Not imperative, to my mind. Whatever you’ve got is grand.

Since the skulls are such a piece of cake, I’m also going to show you how to make the paper displays that the single pair of earrings is on. That’s just paper.

I’ve made notes, so you needn’t take them unless you want to.

** Cutters come in two sets, 52 or 39