Supplies List Update for February Retreat

January 16, 2024 Meetings 0

Ellen has added a few things to her supply list. Additionally, she says she will bring rubber cord for the on-site folks. See the updated list below.

For Denise’s demo on Saturday, Cindy will be bringing sari silk yarn to share with the on-site attendees.

There are no changes to Lou’s demo and Maurine’s presentation needs no supplies.

Registration for the 2024 Chilly Clay Retreat is open. This year it takes place over February 3 & 4. Members current after February 1 attend at no additional charge. New and renewing members are charged $45 which includes an annual membership. The event includes our traditional turkey chili for Saturday lunch, lunch on Sunday, and coffee service.

Members should log in to receive their 100% discount, if applicable. We really need everyone to register, especially in-person, so we plan our meals appropriately. Thanks!

Register on this page.

Demo 1: Multimedia Silk Sari Beads with Denise Fitzsimmons (Saturday)

In this workshop, we will make unique multi-media beads to use as connectors, pendants, focals, or any component that you can use in making your jewelry or multi-media project. We will make a polymer clay component but this project can be done with many of your beads, charms, and components that you have already made.

Don’t we all have a bunch of “I don’t know what to do with this” beads sitting around the studio? This is the perfect project for those! We will combine our polymer clay components with wire, silk sari ribbon, lampwork glass beads, glass seed beads… and anything else you want to grab… to make our beautiful unique Multi-Media Silk Sari Beads.

Demo 2: Wonderfully Wired with Lou Schneider (Date TBA)

Many beaded and fabricated jewelry pieces contain wire-work components. Lou will demonstrate a variety of wire-work components that will add interest and value to your creations.

Lou is the Queen of Wire!

Crystal, bead, and wire crown by Lou

If you’d like to try your hand at some of the techniques, please come prepared with the following items:

  • Round nose and chain nose pliers
  • A good pair of flush cutters
  • Wire: 20ga and/or 22ga. The Beadalon craft wire sold at Michael’s works fine. (“German wire”)

Demo 3: Bouncy Buna Bangles with Ellen Rumsey Bellenot (Date TBA)

Learn to make these fun, stretchy bangle bracelets with Ellen. Easy to wear in multiples and they make great gifts.

New items in italics.

  • Beadalon hollow rubber tubing. I use both 4mm and 6mm; it’s a matter of taste. It’s available at Munro and on Amazon. (If you are an IPCA member, you get a big discount at Munro)
    • Prior to the demo, please take 4-6″ of tubing and bake in a 265 F oven for 5 minutes. The tubing will shrink slightly. Ellen will bring tubing for on-site attendees.
  • Acrylic paint. Anything will do but I particularly like DecoArts glossy enamels (acrylic) and of course Lumiere.
    • Ellen sez: I use a gelli plate for picking up paint on various tools. You can also use a cosmetic sponge to apply the paint to the comb or whatever other thing you’re using. I use a brayer to apply paint on the gelli plate then press the comb into it or the plastic canvas. Nice, but you can, as I said, use a sponge or just put the paint on a paper plate, tile, parchment paper, etc.
  • Elastic. I prefer the beading elastic that’s wrapped with thread. It’s available at Joann’s and, of course, Amazon. But you can use anything you want.
  • A bamboo skewer or knitting needle or some such that you can thread the tubing on to hold it straight while you paint it. Then you can stick it into a piece of Styrofoam or some such for it to dry.
  • Dotting tools. You can use ball tools, the end of tooth picks, circles of fun foam glued to the end of a piece of dowel. You can also search micro applicator brush on amazon. I also use fine combs, plastic canvas with an eye to the ones that are shapes, pieces of that ridged shelf liner, well, you get the picture. (Yeah, we see.)
  • Any clay that you’d like to make a bead from. The ones that look like ceramic are white with colored liquid clay on them. Terri demoed that awhile ago.

Demo 4: Tour of Creative Ideas with Maurine Kramerich (Sunday)

Member Maurine Kramerich (Pensacola, FL) will have a “Show and Tell” of her work from the past few years. Beaded seashells, tube beads with tassels, and beaded spiders are just a few of what promises to be an interesting (and hopefully inspiring) presentation. A few of her examples are below.