A Week Away, a Week Away!

A Week Away, a Week Away!

August 27, 2021 Clay-bor Day Retreat 0

Our annual Clay-bor Day Retreat is just about a week away (and is not in the jungle)! To recap, day one will have demos from Barbara McGuire and Kelly Russell, plus open clay time, chatter, show & tell, and who know what else? Day 1 of the event is $15.

Note: Clay-bor Day Retreat is the same fee for members and non-members. Our February event, Chilly Clay Retreat, is free for current members.

Day 2 is a half-day class with Alice Stroppel and should be fun, relaxed, and full of inspiration. As a reminder, Alice is handling her own registrations, so please contact her to sign up. The class, Lovable Leftovers, is discounted to $55 for our event.

Seriously though, how much more clay learning can you get for the (combined price) of $70? Plus, we’re a pretty fun group as a general rule.

Check these articles to catch up on the details, and if you haven’t registered, please do so today!