April Meeting Details & Supplies List

February 27, 2024 Meetings 0

Looking for March’s demo info? Click here.

On April 13, Nancy will be showing us her trips and tricks for covering a glass bowl with cane slices. In the examples below, you’ll see a variety of objects that have been embellished or covered with polymer. Nancy notes that her pencil cup is bas-relief style, she’s monogrammed lids for jars, and because the clay is on the outside, the pieces are still food-safe.

Demo Description

Nancy will provide small glass jars and demitasse spoons for on-site participants.

Gather your canes and your color palette to transform a glass bowl into a beautiful piece. Since the clay is placed on the outside you will have a usable food safe bowl. The Dollar Store can be very inspirational.

My bowl was $1.25 – not a bad investment for a lovely finished piece.

We will start with a bowl or a small glass jar (pictured below) in order to finish our project the same day – maybe.

This is a project you can start and stop, get inspiration as you go along, and make new canes as needed. It’s a free flowing project.


  • Pasta machine, clay, roller, blades, extruder, sculpting tools, deli paper.
  • Various canes you have made or new canes.  Translucent in canes makes great results.
  • Glass bowl, pickle jar, yogurt jar, whatever you like.
  • Oven  
  • Optional – wet sanding paper.
  • Optional – demitasse spoons (stainless steel) decorated with clay for serving when using small jars.

We should have the Guild’s Lucy Slicer available for the April meeting.

Nancy has provided a detailed PDF that will be distributed to members with the Zoom info. Thanks, Nancy!