Class Announcement: Anke Humpert

September 5, 2022 Guest Teachers 0

Tallahassee Polymer Clay Art Guild November Monthly Meeting is being replaced by an online class with German artist Anke Humpert.

Class is over Zoom and will be recorded for time-limited access after the class ends.

Date & Time Saturday, November 5; Class will start at 10 AM EDT with a lunch break from 12 – 1 PM EDT, and class resuming after the break.

The class will be recorded and attendees will have 60 day access to the recording.


  • In Person with lunch: $75
  • Remote Only: $65

$5 discount for current members will be automatically applied. You must log in to the website before you register for the discount to be applied.

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Class Description

In this intermediate 4–5-hour class Anke will show you how to work with translucent clay, without losing the special effect it gives. This class is a fun way to learn new techniques and apply them right away. Playing with colors AND translucency will make your mind blow with new ideas for your own designs. The dangle earrings are a pair of light-weight earrings that are delicate, pretty and offer endless variations! They will dangle elegantly with every move you make. You will learn lots of techniques  including:

  • how to work with translucent AND opaque clays combined
  • how to add colour to translucent elements in your design
  • how to doodle on clay
  • reinforcements for fragile clay components
  • a playful style with ease

These earrings will give you a chance to play with your own ideas and to develop various styles. Once you learn this technique, you will be able to create so many unusual pieces of jewelry including earrings and pendants of your own design.

The participants of this class should be familiar with basic polymer clay working techniques.

Skill Level: beginners to advanced

Updated Supplies List

Updated items are in red text.

Polymer Clay

  • 2 blocks “translucent” (I prefer “Premo” or “Pardo”)
  • 2 blocks colours of your choice (I used white and a light blue).
  • Small canes (one or more)

Polymer Clay Tool Box

  • A clay machine
  • A smooth even work surface, like a tile or a sheet of glass
  • A blade
  • An acrylic roller
  • An “Exacto” knife or a thin craft knife
  • Assortment of cutters (3-4 cm/ 1-1 ½ inch length)
  • A needle tool
  • Waterproof pens like PITT artist pens (by Faber-Castell), Lumocolor (by Staedtler) or
  • Sharpies. Black, plus assortment of colours.
    • Note: brush tip will be easier to work with for the colored pens! We will also need one black pen. That can be a Sharpie and/or another Pitt Pen. The black pen can be fine or regular.
  • Parchment or deli paper
  • A set of jewellery pliers (you will need a flush cutter and a set of round nose pliers)
  • A small jewellery file
  • A roll of thin wire (0.6 mm or 24 ga). Please bring one roll of the wire, we will need quite a bit of the wire!
  • A short, round stick or rod (wood or metal, can be a pen!) with 7 or 8 mm diameter.
  • A set of earring hooks or wire to make your own.
  • A small tile to bake on (size: 6 x 8 inch (or 15 x 20 cm) or similar)

Minimum Number of Students: 6

In Person Meeting Information

Please note the following restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic:

  • Attendees must be fully vaccinated. We won’t ask for proof, we’re going to trust you on this and assume your fellow guild members’ safety is important to you.
  • We will be distanced, which may require setting up tables in other areas of LeMoyne Art Ed Center. If we cannot distance appropriately, we will ask that masks be worn. If you have the sniffles, stay home please.

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