Updated: Program, Demos & Supply List

Updated: Program, Demos & Supply List

January 19, 2023 Chilly Clay Retreat 0

A few updates below and an announcement! We’ll be doing the Magical Mystery Tour again! If you want to participate, you need to be registered for the Retreat by January 27 because the boxes are being mailed out the next day, January 28. In-town folks have until January 31 to RSVP for the Mystery Tour.

We will work on the Mystery Tour after demos have been completed.

Also updated is the link to Barbara McGuire’s video (turns out only the audio came through last time).

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Saturday, February 4

Pavla Cepelíková (AM)

Pavla resides in the Czech Republic and is known for her polymer work and most recently, her oil paintings. Check her out at:

Pavla will show us how to make a Magical Garden from polymer. Perfect for the Spring!

Patricia Badland (PM)

Patty will give a demo of her polymer-covered light switches and picture frames. She has mastered this process and will share with all of us. If you’d like to practice later, Patty says a smooth plastic switch plate is what you need (not metal and not textured plastic). In her words, take one you already have off the wall (she recommends the closet!) and use that.

Sunday, February 5

Berdell Moffet-Chaney

After Monet canes and tiny donuts, Berdell’s back with another fun demo! Details to follow.

Barbara McGuire

Barbara returns to TAPCG with her new demo for Talking Sticks. Check out the video below and stand by for a supplies list and project pictures for our event.

Website: https://www.womancreativeconnection.com/

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/artsource

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/pedaljet