Clay-bor Day Retreat Schedule and Supplies

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Schedule of Events

Our initial schedule of events is set, although we are tweaking a few things. All times are US Eastern time.

Zoom login information will be sent separately to registered attendees. Last day to register is Friday, September 3 at 4 PM EST.

Saturday, September 4

*Open worktable time means that we will Zoom from our worktables if you are able to do that with your setup. If not, just stay on the call and chat with everyone etc. I’m sure some on the fly demos will happen during these sessions, too.

Sunday, September 6

Supply Lists

These lists assume that you have the following items already:

  • Clay dedicated pasta machine
  • Work surface
  • Stiff cutting blades
  • Flexible cutting blades
  • Nitrile gloves or finger cots
  • Wipes

Barbara McGuire Supplies List

Barbara will be teaching how to make 7 different types of beaded links.

This session will not be recorded.

  • Lollipop/head pin
  • Double Lollipop with beads
  • Wrap/Lollipop with wrap
  • Spiral/headpin
  • Lollipop with spiral headpin
  • Cage with spiral
  • Wrapped cage with spiral


  • Uncoated Copper Wire: Gauges 16, 18, 20
  • Sterling Wire gauge 20 (for ear wires)
  • Pliers: Flush Cutters, Round Nose, Flat Nose, Chain Nose
  • Pin Vise
  • Assorted Drill Bits
  • Polymer beads

Kelly Russell Supplies List

Below is a list of supplies if you want to work on the project that Kelly is demonstrating. Kelly says it is best to watch her process and take notes. She has prepared samples of each step and says that you should follow along as you won’t have the amount of time needed to finish the project.

Her demo will be recorded and available to guild members only.

  • Baked clay veneers at a variety of thicknesses, including very thin
  • Shape templates or similar stencils
  • Kato PolyPaste
  • Superglue (Loctite recommended)
  • Fine Tweezers
  • Files – fine, round and half-round
  • Bone folder or similar tool
  • 4? tiles to work on
  • Scalpel is preferred, craft knife will work in a pinch
  • Polymer canes and/or cabochons and/or molded elements
  • Small round forms that are oven safe – 1/2?, 3/4?, 1?. Kelly uses glass punty rods from a local glassworker. If you’d like a set, they are $30 for three. Contact Kelly to purchase.

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