July Demo: Video and Materials

July Demo: Video and Materials

July 4, 2021 Guest Teachers Meetings 0
bobbin on heap of film

Amy gave a GREAT demo on Saturday and the video of the last half of the demo is available on our Vimeo.

Amy’s presentation handout.

The video picks up after Amy gave us a review on Maggie Maggio’s color scales techniques. Below are links that can be referenced to make your own scales, which can then be used with Carol Simmons’ blending template.

Maggie Maggio Resources

Polymer Scales Worksheet

Worksheet for Making a Color Triangle from Color Scales

Carol Simmons Resources

Upcoming Events

  • August – Kris Shotts
  • September (Claybor Day Retreat) -Patty and Cindy are taking the lead to develop the retreat agenda. Please contact them if you’d like to do a demo (of any sort!)
  • October – Ellen Bellenot
  • November – Terri Andrews
  • December – Carol Roberts
  • January 2022 – OPEN
  • February 2022 – Chilly Clay Retreat, Multiple demos needed