Magical Mystery Tour 2023; More Supply Lists for the Demos

January 24, 2023 Chilly Clay Retreat 0

As part of the 2023 Chilly Clay Retreat, attendees can opt in to the Magical Mystery Tour (MMT). The guild will distribute a package of mystery goodies to all participants and most, if not all, the contents of the package will be identical. Each participant must use ALL the items in the package, along with some basic clay items you already have on hand, to create something in the time period allotted.

Allowed: black, white, or translucent clay. Simple tools like blades, needle tools, ball stylus, etc. liquid clay or glue; no more than 2 shape cutters or shape templates.

Disallowed: clay extruder, commercially produced textures, surface treatments other than those provided.

If you aren’t local, the guild will pay up to $10 US postage to ship the package to you, but you must promise to not open the package until you are told to do so. IF shipping exceeds $10 you have the option to reimburse the guild for the difference in costs.

If you are local, you can get your package at the retreat or pick it up from Patty before February 4 and participate via Zoom.

Registered attendees will be sent a link to opt in to the MMT.

More Demo Supply Lists

Barbara McGuire Talking Sticks

Berdell Moffett-Chaney Squiggle Beads

Taught with Permission from D. Kato

1 ounce each of white and two other complimentary colors to make a Skinner blend. 

Some black clay rolled out on the medium setting of the pasta machine.

It would be awesome if you could condition your clay before the demonstration!