Guest Artist Spotlight: Laurie Mika

Guest Artist Spotlight: Laurie Mika

January 15, 2022 Chilly Clay Retreat Guest Teachers 0

Laurie will be our guest artist on the afternoon of February 6. In addition to a studio tour and Q&A session, Laurie will show us her method for creating clay quilts. She is the author of Mixed Media Mosaics, published in 2007 and still available from a number of used-book resellers (I highly recommend this book!).

Because this is a demo, you are not expected to follow along, but take notes and ask questions. A supplies list is below, if you want to work on the project after Laurie’s program has ended.

Supplies List

A small substrate-a piece of wood, MDF, or a plaque that is 6 x 6 inches. I prefer the 6 x 6 inch deep cradle (1.5 inches) birch panel boards from

6 (2 ounce) packages of either Premo or Sculpey III polymer clay-an assortment of related colors. Make sure the clay is soft to the touch, if it is rock hard, don’t buy it! Please condition the clay prior to class by kneading it until softened and then place it in a baggie.

Rolling pin, acrylic rod, or even PVC pipe about 1.5 inches in diameter

Assorted paintbrushes to include a fine detail brush and a one-inch flat brush

Pencil with an eraser

Small bottle of Weldbond glue or other similar PVA white glue.

Doo-Dads-like beads, charms, jewelry parts, rhinestones, rhinestone chain, ball chain, metal findings, wings, crowns, buttons and tiny frames. See pics for ideas. 

Acrylic paints

Rub n’Buff or similar product (gilder’s paste, inka pastes)

Stamps: texture, alphabet or text, designs and icons, etc.


 Circle or square clay (cookie) cutters (like Kemper or Ateco cutters)

 A few small pieces of felt roving, fabric trim, small pieces of fabric like Sari trim/borders or lace