We Got the Deets!

We Got the Deets!

May 27, 2021 Meetings 0
neon signage
neon signage
Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on Pexels.com

Thanks for all who have registered for the June 5th meet-up.  Check out this additional information!   Each Mystery Tour Bag contains eight different clay colors of varying sizes and one portion of white.  Combined, you have close to three 1.7 oz. packages in clay.  

Bags also contain a random medley of objects to be be incorporated into your creation as it transpires!  The rules are few:

  • You must use at least some amount of each color of clay in the bag
  • You must incorporate each object/item in the bag into your creation
  • You are free to use any tools available to you and this includes wires or string or other structural items instrumental to your creation
  • You are allowed to utilize any additional amount of your own translucent, white or black clay into your creation
  • You may use glaze or glue on your creation

For those who are participating by Zoom, you’ll receive your package in the mail next week.  Don’t open the box until we are together Saturday morn.  We’ll set aside two hours for creating and baking your work of art.  Be prepared to for show and tell at 1PM or earlier when everyone is ready to unveil their work of art.

If you have not registered to participate, please do so by Friday. May 28th.

Please also advise if your registration plans have changed so we can make best use of the number of Mystery Tour Bags that have been made for the meeting based on responses.  Many thanks!


Use this link to RSVP.

2021 meeting dates and demo schedules are here.